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animation & motion graphics

I have teamed up with Hiwamari to bring you more complex animation and motion graphics! Go check out her links here:

Complex Animation

Animation for Just Chatting / Game / Karaoke screens for livestreaming
Animation for Start / BRB / End scenes
Motion of text, images and graphics
Optimised for YouTube and Twitch at your request!

$35 per overlay animation
$20 for scene animation

NOTE: This is an additional cost for animation. The base price does not include the design of the overlay or scene. You will have to commission an overlay or scene first. If you would like an existing overlay animated, please provide the file in PSD format with all layers separated.

stream asset commissions

Usual turnaround time: 2-4 weeks
(+1-2 weeks for tiered packages)

For stream overlays, please provide a transparent PNG of your character so I can use it for testing!
NOTE: If you want to incorporate your own personal art into the graphic, please attach the desired artwork and let me know in your description. Ensure that you are authorised to use the artwork before contacting me.

Additional revisions: +20% each revision

Stream overlay

Just Chatting / Game / Focused Game / Karaoke screens for livestreaming
Optimised for youtube and twitch at your request!

$60 for one overlay
$100 for bundle of two
$130 for bundle of three


OPTIONS: stream schedules (monday to sunday), starting soon, be right back, ending screens, offline screens, thumbnails
Can incorporate your artwork into the panel!

$45 per scene
$100 for bundle of any three graphics
$125 for bundle of any five graphics


Repeating design 320x320p
Can incorporate your artwork into the panel!

$45 for 6 repeating designs
$70 for 12 repeating designs


Optimised for twitch/youtube/twitter at your request!
Can incorporate your artwork into the panel!

$50 per header
$85 for two headers
$125 for three headers


TIER 1 ($175): two overlays (Gaming, Just Chatting) + three scenes (Start/BRB/End)
TIER 2 ($250): two overlays (Gaming, Just Chatting) + five scenes (Start/BRB/End/Schedule/Offline) + set of 6 panels
TIER 3 ($400): three overlays (Gaming, Just Chatting, Karaoke) + five scenes (Start/BRB/End/Schedule/Offline) + set of 12 panels + 3 banners (+ 1 free chibi art!)


Layer separation $10 - REQUIRED FOR ANIMATION!
Sent as a PSD file.
Rush fee (3-5 days) 50% of full price
Rush fee (1-2 days) 70% of full price

For animation, please go here!

You will receive the files in PNG format via Google Drive.
Prices indicated are base prices only. There will be additional charges for extra assets, animations, etc., increased level of complexity and details, custom design and rushed commissions.


terms of service


I reserve full rights to the image and its distribution and use, and can post the graphics on any of my social media. If you want to keep a commission private or want me to post it after a certain date, let me know.
Prices indicated are base prices for the order stated and may change depending on the complexity and extras of the commission. Additional charges apply for hand drawn props, rush orders and animations.
Full payment in USD via Paypal Invoice must be made before the commission can be started.
I will not be held responsible if the commissioner has not or did not read the terms of my service.
I retain the right to decline commissions.


Commercial use as assets (e.g. streaming, vtuber activities, etc.) are included in the price for asset commissions.
Commercial use for other purposes (e.g. merchandise, prints, charms, clothing, etc.) is negotiable on a case-by-case basis.


My turnaround times are stated in the respective commission type.
If you have a deadline within 2 weeks from commissioning, please let me know and I will do my best to meet it! Otherwise, commissions that require delivery sooner will be subject to a rush fee, which is calculated on a case-by-case basis.

Cancellation and refunds

Refunds and cancellations are allowed if the commission has not been started. A refund of 50% is allowed if you cancel before the first check-in.
If there is any reason that I will need to delay or cancel your commission, I will let you know and we can decide on whether you would like to wait or request a refund.

By continuing with the order, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the terms of service.

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